Products & Pricing

 Photoshoot with Neil.

1 Hour on Location £90

Photoshoot covers my time,editing of the files and viewing.When you've had your photoshoot,I use the viewing session to decide on how you want to show your images and what packages you would like.Please contact for more info.

Prints One

Just prints only no frames 

3 x 8x6 photos 

1 x 10x8 photos

You will also receive low resolution files of the photos you have printed for screen savers and social media


Prints Two

As with above except 

4 x 10x8 photos

4 x 8x6  photos


Framed Collection

photo session 

1 x 10x8 print 

3 x 8x6 prints

One wall art print either Aluminium,Blanc Noir Frame or Acrylic  20x24 

plus three high resolution files.


Art Prints 

Rectangluar 20x16 £399 or 30x24 £599

Panoramic  30x12 £399 or 40x20 £599

Square  20x20 £399 or 30x30 £599

Light Painting Portrait £119

As above for the photoshoot but at night,using the light painting tools i have.

Light Painting Workshop £80

Workshop for 10 in and a round Morecambe & Lancaster aera (at the moment).

Details emailed to you upon application of where and when weather permiting and also numbers of people wanting to join.

First workshop TBA.

All prices include VAT.