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Hello thank you for taking the time to look at my online gallery.I went to Carnforh High School in the 70s and left in 78,I loved doing art but never did much about it.My day job is driving a van for living,So photography is a bit of a release from that,having been brought a Yashica film camera and then buying my own OM10 film camera I really never thought of taking it seriously at the time.I never developed my own film,always sending it away and awaiting the results in the post seemed long winded.Until the digital medium arrived on the scene with instant results.My first camera was a Minolta with 4MP* sensor I think that was when I decide I wanted to do more with my love of photography,digital had instant results which I liked (some bad some good....easily deleted!!!)I do some wonder about trying out film what gose around usualy comes back.

I really started taking photos in the digital format properly round about 2007 and the cameras I use are Nikon and Olympus which are great for doing the photography which I love,Architecture,B&W,Light Painting (a new found release) and Portraiture.I have just started working with models doing Art Nudes and hopefully get more creative in the photos I take.I am an enthusiastic amature at the moment but would like to become semi pro at some point and work with different creatives on ideas.The photographic journey is only just beging.....